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Hare Talking Stick/Shaman Wand/Wiccan/Totem Animal/Tree Spirit


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The ears have it! How could this piece of driftwood be anything else but a Hare? The natural beautiful twisted nature of this stick speaks for itself. Hand sculpted with Cold Porcelain I have only enhanced the energy and spirit of this wood. I have added Amber glass eyes and realistic strands of whiskers which gives a sense of realism to this talking stick.

Perfect gift for Easter, to celebrate the coming of Spring and Beltane. This Talking Stick will make a strong healing tool and also a wonderful symbol of the Hare on a Altar.

Measurements; 16 inches x 5.5 inches

The rebirth aspect of the hare appears to come from it’s association with Spring, the time of life and rebirth. The hare is believed to be the original ‘Easter bunny’, as hare nests (forms) look remarkably like lapwing nests. It was a common belief in that witches could transform into hares. This could be because the ‘hare’s parliament’, an unusual behaviour in which a group of hares sit facing each other in a circle reminded them of depictions of witches covens. This behaviour also usually takes place around the full moon when witches were believed to meet and perform rituals and spells. This is also most likely were the symbol of the moon-gazing hare comes from. (

Hare Talking Stick - SOLD

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