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Inner Spirit Enchanted Bog Wood Lamp


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To see a video of this lamp when magically alight please visit Craftwood Dreams home page and scroll down the page 

I believe that all trees have an inner spirit which is truly magical. When I place my hands on a tree I can feel its energy and my imagination does the rest! I have been inspired to create these Inner Spirit Tree Lamps in order to help people to visualise and connect to what lies beyond the bark of every tree. 

Each Inner Spirit Tree Lamp is unique as I intuitively feel what the piece wood would like to become. This makes each lamp one of a kind, never to be duplicated. 

This beautiful unique lamp has been handmade from a piece of Bog Wood, Clay and Cold Porcelain. The clay has been hand sculpted to look like a continuation of the wood using special handmade tools. Inside the wood and clay casing sits battery operated micro led lights which have an external multi action controller, which can be used to select the action of the lights. The Holographic film creates the illusion that a magical inner spirit shines within the crack in log. Cold Porcelain Fungi and real dried moss has been attached, creating a very natural, enchanting piece of functional art.

This lamp would look great on a small table, a shelf or on the shelf of the fireplace. Perfect present for any Tree or nature lover.

Please be aware, the Micro Led light controller requires three AA batteries which will not be supplied with the lamp due to postage restrictions.

May the spirit of the tree be with you!

Inner Spirit - Bog Wood Lamp

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