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I have been drawn to the flat pieces of driftwood and wood to make moonscapes recently. 

This piece of wood was a perfect plaque onto which I sculpted a Moon Gazing Hare from Cold Porcelain and placed him onto a hand painted moonscape, painted with acrylic paints and vanished. 

As I have sculpted the Hare it gives the painting a 3D effect, perfect for hanging on the wall or standing on a shelf.

I will include a picture hanging D ring with your purchase so that you can hang the plaque on a wall if you so wish.

This makes this unique piece of art work perfect for a present for a Hare obsessed person, or as a honour to the spirit of the Hare on a Altar or the like!


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"MOON GAZING HARE" by Joanna May

'The symbol of the moon-gazing hare is almost universal and dates back to ancient times. It symbolizes fertility. Pagans believed moon-gazing hares would bring growth, re-birth, abundance, new beginnings and fortune. To others, the hare symbolized purity, and a single hare was often used to signify the Virgin Mary's purity. This image of the hare, of course, is in sharp contrast to that of the fertile common rabbit.'

Moon gazing Bunny - SOLD

SKU: 21354654

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