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Tree Spirit Talking Stick/Shaman Wand/Tree Spirit Guide


To Purchase This Talking Stick Please Press Here 

This is a Tree Friend Talking Stick. 

Have you ever seen a face in a tree? You might like to consider that this might be the face of a friendly spirit of the tree who is keen to communicate with you. I am beginning to find pieces of driftwood with the faces of these tree spirits staring up at me, asking me to bring out their features and personalities. I believe these little tree spirits want to continue their spiritual work even though their big tree friend is no more.

The eyes and mouth of this little Tree Spirit was there in the wood and I have just enhanced his features using Cold Porcelain.

If this little Spirit friend is calling you I think he will bring you grounding, wisdom, empathy and sensitivity.

Tree Friend Talking Stick/Shaman Wand/Tree Spirit Guide

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