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Twiglet Talking Stick/Tree Spirit


This Talking Stick has now SOLD


This is the first Twiglet Talking Stick to appear to me. 

Twiglets are small Talking Sticks whose spirit energy is as strong as larger sticks but there is definitely more of a playful spirit about them. This Twiglet is a wise little spirit Hand Sculpted from driftwood found on a Dorset beach and cold porcelain. His eyes are made from tiny shards of amethyst which give off a knowing purple glint. I know that this Twiglet is just waiting to be held!

Tree spirits are only loosely connected with their physical bodies, the actual visible tree. Because they are multidimensional and enjoy great freedom on the astral, and because of their connection to other realms, they can help us in journeying and inter-dimensional travel. (

He measures; 10 inches x 3 inches

Twiglet Talking Stick/Tree Spirit - SOLD

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