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White Hare Talking Stick/Wand/Animal Totem

The hare is a conspicuous symbolic animal, promising wisdom, rebirth and fertility. This one is crafted onto a piece of driftwood found on Brownsea Island, off Poole Harbour in the South of England. It has a soft energy that radiates a silvery glow, almost a grounding to help the path of life run smoothly.

This white hare talking stick is one of a kind, sculpted from driftwood and cold porcelain. It has beautiful blue eyes.

Not only does it work well as a talking stick but it would look stunning on a altar too.

Message from the hare:“I come to you with a message of wisdom and as a sign that transformation is near. The knowledge you hold is ready to birth, and belief in your own intuition is key. 
Prosperity and abundance await when you allow yourself to joyfully trust your innate wisdom and follow the path laid before you. Find your footing, my friends, and walk boldly through the moonlit night. Good fortune lies in the ability to acknowledge your truth, then follow where your feet may take you!” (

White Hare - SOLD

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