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Wizard Talking Stick/Shaman Wand/Tree Spirit


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I believe this piece of driftwood is from a Tree Ivy. It has been hand sculpted with Cold Porcelain to emphasise the features of the Wizard which were lying within the wood. Blue glass eyes have been added to show the otherworldly knowing this talking sick holds. This Old Wise Man carries a great deal of wisdom as well as patience and gentleness.

Measurements; 12 inches x 2.5 inches

The Wizard - Magician - is symbolic of the four functions of the human psyche - intuition, feeling, thinking and sensation. Mercury (Hermes) the alchemist, has the ability to unite the elements into a single whole. Within each one of us exists an archetype Wizard. However, whenever we do admit to this kind of reality, we risk losing the empiric - which is our reason and rational mind - that has been built brick by brick throughout the centuries. The Wizard represents the conscious mind, which being concentration and single-minded attention to a specific idea or goal triggered by the imagination, can draw upon forces from above to help give it form and make it a reality in the material world. Jung called it "individuation". (

Wizard Talking Stick/Shaman Wand/Tree Spirit - SOLD

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